Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Fish Stories: Doubled Freezer Paper Stencil

Yesterday, I showed how to make an embossed craft foam block. The same little fish mola was the inspiration for a doubled freezer paper stencil.

This is the fish mola stencil after I used it. You can see the construction; how the image is held together by the little strips of freezer paper called bridges.

I did a couple of samples using the stencil. The background for this sample is created by rolling and knotting the fabric before applying Transparent Pebeo Setacolor fabric paint with a foam brush.

In this sample I used both the embossed craft foam block and the doubled freezer paper stencil. The background was created by placing burlap under the fabric and rolling over it (a brayer rubbing) with  transparent fabric paint.

I've been having so much fun creating the Latin American textile inspired pieces. The textiles from that part of the world are so colorful and the motifs so playful (especially all the animals). You can feel the joy in the original pieces and I hope in my samples, as well.


  1. The red and turquoise print is just stunning!

    1. Hi JE- Thanks for commenting. I had a lot of fun making these fabrics based on Latin American textiles. You can probably tell that I love textiles from that part of the world! Hope that you'll continue to stop by...I'm having a blog hop giveaway of my new book starting on Feb 1.