Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cat Mola: Printing the Block

The cat mola block is carved--time to print!

I use Pebeo Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paints for printing. Since many molas use a deep red fabric as part of their designs, I decided to mix up a red combining Sienna Brown and Cherry Red.

After mixing the paint thoroughly, I put a small amount onto the glass palette and roll it out with my Roll-Rite foam brayer until it is evenly coated with the paint.

I then roll an even coat of paint on the block.

The block is turned over onto the fabric and pressed to release the paint.

I did some test prints on muslin to see how the block looked. The first print is never the best. It usually takes a few prints to get the crispest impression. I like to call it  warming up the block.

Here are some prints on other fabrics. I was trying to work out some pattern ideas.

This block is a good start for the Latin American Influences: Textile Inspirations class. Off to work up some more designs.


  1. this turned out wonderful. quite inspiring. thank you for sharing each step.

    1. So glad that you enjoyed the step-by-step. Hope you give this a try. I love carving and printing many possibilities. You may also want to visit the archives for my Newsletter (if you haven't already). See the upper right hand column.