Friday, March 16, 2012

Cat Mola: Transferring the Design to the Block

Now that the cat mola design has been reduced to a size that will fit on the Speedball Speedy Carve block, it's time to transfer the design. To transfer the design you will need a piece of tracing paper, a #2 graphite pencil, a pair of scissors, a few pieces of masking tape and a soft rubber brayer (roller).

Place the block on the piece of tracing paper and  draw around the outside edges. This forms a frame for the cat design.

Slip the reduced cat mola design under the tracing paper and center it within the outline of the block. Tape in place so that it doesn't shift.

Trace over the outlines of the design using the #2 pencil.

Once the design is traced, trim the tracing extra tracing paper. I usually leave about an inch or so of the tracing paper around the design.

Flip the tracing paper onto the Speedball Speedy Carve block.

Using the soft rubber brayer, carefully roll over the design. You will need to hold the design in place or tape it down so that it doesn't shift while you are using the brayer,

Lift off the tracing paper and you will see that the design has transferred onto the block.

Now it's time to carve the design. Stay tuned!


  1. I never knew that pencil would transfer so well. thank you for this tip. This is a wonderful design you have created!

    1. Thanks Tammie Lee. It is amazing how easily the graphite pencil will transfer onto the Speedy Carve. Glad you like the design. It's based on a design from a mola (reverse applique) that I own.