Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Trip to Michael's

So...I was just going to Michael's Arts and Crafts to pick up one of those fabric marking pens that washes out. I'm about to start a new project for my group, F.I.N.E. (Fiber In Nearly Everything). Michael's is a surface designer's dream. I can't help walking down one of my favorite aisles...the one with all the craft foam. In case you didn't know it, I am in love with craft foam!

Craft foam (Creatology refers to it as Fun Foam) is a wonderful product to use in surface design. I especially love the adhesive craft foam. I like to cut shapes out of the foam, peel off the backing and stick them to either corrugated cardboard or thicker craft foam to create print blocks. I usually buy the package that has the  6" x 9" sheets that come in a rainbow assortment of colors.

I'm always on the look out for new products having to do with craft foam. Today I found a few interesting items. I found a color assortment of single 9" x 12" sheets of adhesive craft foam which will be great if I want to work on some larger designs. I also found something new...adhesive backed craft felt (also by Creatology). The adhesive felt came in a variety of colors but also in some textures.  I might not only be able to print with the textured version, but it might make a nice rubbing plate.

As I was heading toward the cashier, I came across a mish-mash of toy items on sale. And...there I spotted them...Lil' Gourmet toy rolling pins. Oooo...the possibilities I can imagine. I could wrap rubber bands around them or stick craft foam or craft felt shapes on them. I can add fabric paint and roll them across my fabric. Can't wait to give all these goodies a try.

I just got an email notification that an artists' site I bought a page on has just gone live. I have my cloth figures (made with my hand printed fabrics) featured there. I hope you will check it out:


  1. I smiled from the second the title of your post caught my eye. It took me a bit before discovering Michael's hidden treasures. As a basketry artist, they were really needed, but I bought them anyway. the little treasures get to be used in my surface design.

  2. Hi Jennifer-
    What would I do without Michael's? One of my favorite birthday gifts is the Michael's gift card my cousin sends me every year...though I do sometimes feel like a hoarder! Craft foam (fun foam), especially the adhesive variety, is part of every surface design class I teach. Lock me up in that place and I could have a great time figuring out all the surface design possibilities. It might be fun one day to randomly pick an aisle in Michael's and brainstorm all the surface design possibilities.