Saturday, February 25, 2012

Surface Design Brought to You by Michael's

I finally had the opportunity today to try out some of the finds from Michael's.

I wrapped rubber bands and stuck adhesive craft foam designs to two to the mini rolling pins.

I cut some flower shapes from the adhesive felt and stuck them on corrugated cardboard.

I also decided to cut a piece of 3" x 4" adhesive felt to stick it to a piece of corrugated cardboard. I then cut some stripes of the adhesive felt and adhered those.

It turns out that the textured felt piece did not have an adhesive backing. So I decided to use it under the piece of fabric I was printing and do a rubbing using a foam brayer.

Here are the results.

I think the adhesive felt has potential. Two interested things I noticed with the striped piece. I first used orange paint and then switched to a muted blue. While printing with the blue, I noticed that some of the orange was coming through. The felt had soaked up the original color and was still releasing it subtly. The other thing I noticed was the soft effect of the felt in some places...with some "furry" flecks.


  1. Maybe you should share some of your stuff with Michaels! They might be interested in demonstrations of how their products can be used.

  2. Hi Carolyn-
    Interesting thought. Not sure if they are really a "process" oriented place (vs. projects with finished products)...but you never know unless you ask! I do know that for me they are a treasure trove. I still think I like the idea of a challenge to walk down each aisle and figure out the surface design possibilities. Hope you enjoy your Sunday..I'm off to teach again.

  3. Thought of you when the girls and I made a trek to Michaels for cupcake decorations. Ours has products by Duff of Charm City Cakes on The Food Network. The ones that caught my eye were texture tiles. I started to get a couple to send, but wasn't sure if you'd like them...or if paint would stick for that matter. Anyway, next trip to Michaels take a stroll down the baking isle too.

  4. Hi Jennifer-
    I have been down the baking aisle as a student once mentioned something like a texture plate (or mat) that was used to texture cakes...I wonder if that is similar to what you saw. I haven't bought one of those yet but they looked like they'd make a nice rubbing plate for a "brayer rubbing". Thanks for thinking of me. As I wrote to Carolyn, I could see walking down each aisle at Michael's to do an "inventory" for surface design...maybe that would be a good for a future newsletter. I'll be working on the first one this week.