Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Recycled Surface Design: Envelopes

Dove into the recycling bag this morning and pulled out some business envelopes with the plastic cellophane windows. Ah-ha... some mini stencils came to mind...


  1. So cool! Need to start saving window envelopes...although most of those that we get are just open windows, no cellophane...I think. Need to pay more attention to them.

    Just wondering...will we be treated to a pic of the stash you've collected from the house for artful purposes?

  2. Hi there-
    Well, I do have a big stash of corrugated cardboard which is my favorite for print blocks. Seems like the recycle stash is there every week for me to pick from. I'm actually afraid to save too much (been there, done that!). But if something really amazing catches my eye or if I suddenly figure out some amazing thing to do with something...I will let you know and take a pic. Thanks for your continued comments. I finally think (with Lesley's help) I've figured out the newsletter thing...hopefully sometime next week, I'll get that up and running.