Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fresh Start

It’s Groundhog Day and like Punxsutawny Phil, I’m emerging… from a month of weekend workshops. It’s time to get back into the swing of this blog. This past month included the Power Point presentation for my grant project on kitchen resists along with two 2-day workshops. All were very successful, I’m pleased to report. I’m even more “psyched” to get back in the studio and get onto more resist explorations. But first is the big “dig out”, as I’ve written on my calendar. Time to sort through the piles in the studio, get organized…and clean the house (ugh!). It’s also time to clean up this blog. My two blog “angels”, Lesley Riley and Jennifer Coyne Qudeen have been making helpful suggestions and I am now on it! This blog will have a slightly new look with more of an emphasis on my work with resists. Starting with today…a bit of spring…blue glue gel resist with washes of Setacolor Transparent fabric paint and stenciled and printed with Setacolor Opaque fabric paint. Can you figure out the order of the layers? (Hint: The layer that “pops” is actually NOT the top layer.)


  1. Congratulations! Can't wait to see more of your resists. Was the order white, blue, red? Just a guess...

  2. Hi angel-
    Order was: lavender colorwash; blue glue designs of flowers and squiggly lines; a second layer of color washes between the squiggly lines; stenciled opaque blue (bright blue) and finally printed with a grayed down purple (smaller flower design). After the paint was set, the blue glue gel wash removed.