Friday, February 17, 2012

The "Reveal"

I decided to let my Exploring Surface Design students have a second evening of playing with the resists. I really think it was a good decision. There was a lot of experimentation going on Wednesday night. I'll be excited to see the final fabrics. I also got a chance to play. I added more layers of paint and resist to some of my pieces. Below are some samples...a before and after washing out the resists...what I like to call the reveal.

Uncooked wheat flour paste with scratched designs
After wheat flour paste is removed
Blue glue gel sampler with additional layers of blue glue, color washes and printing

After removing the blue glue gel
Blue glue gel sampler with color washes a second layer of blue glue, stenciling and printing
After removing the blue glue gel
I will be teaching an all day workshop tomorrow, Creative Fabric Designs Inspired by Nature, so I won't be posting. Planning to come home from class have a glass of wine and watch a movie with my hubby.


  1. You have now inspired me to remove my flour paste. You would think with a three day weekend I could have gotten it done!

    Having the extra day to play with the resists was a great idea.

  2. Hi Susan-
    I just couldn't wait the week for "passive" setting so got my iron out!

    It's so much fun to have the surprise of seeing what is under all the layers. I have a project I need to complete for the group I exhibit with and I definitely can see a multiple layer resist piece as the thing to do.

    BTW...Jan Barrett was in my Creative Fabric Designs Inspired by Nature class last Saturday and mentioned that the two of you are good friends.

    Can't wait to see what's "revealed" when you remove your layers. Thanks for letting me know that having a second class for resist was a good idea.