Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hamsa Project: Blue Glue Gel Outlines

I'm working on the first layer of the hamsa pieces. I've decided to work on two pieces simultaneously and see where each leads. If one seems to be heading in a better direction, then I'll concentrate my efforts on that piece first for F.I.N.E. 

I will be starting with the hand itself. Here I've outlined the hamsa hand on both pieces with blue glue gel (aka blue school glue). I used a detailer which is a small plastic squeeze bottle with a fine tip. The blue glue gel will act as a resist to keep the layers of paint and resist that follow within the boundaries of the hand shape. After focusing on the hand, I will move on to the other parts of the piece.

Blue hamsa with blue glue gel outline

Orange hamsa with blue glue gel outline

Next step will be to paint a wash of transparent fabric paint within the boundaries of the glue outline. I will try to post later today with photos.

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