Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hamsa Project: Getting Started

Hamsa #1 from my series of cloth figures

Detail of Hamsa #1

The hamsa has been a favorite symbol of mine for a while. I even did a series of hamsa figures. I really like the symmetry of this symbol and the mysterious eye in the middle. It's a protective symbol, which is another reason I'm attracted to it.

For my group, F.I.N.E., we are doing a collaborative piece to re-introduce the group. Each of us had a 12" square canvas and has to do a piece with the image of a hand. I decided to do a hamsa.

Original hamsa design

I am really liking the design of this one and can see the possibilities of doing it different ways. I'd like to try at least one with layers of resist, perhaps having one part using blue glue gel and another part a wheat flour paste or matzoh paste crackle. I'm thinking about drawing some stylized flower or other designs in the flour paste (see The Reveal below).

Hamsa transferred to cotton fabric

 One of the other possibilities is stitching the hamsa using raw edge applique, running, stem and chain stitches and maybe some beads. I could then applique the piece onto a background that will fit the 12" x 12" format. Hmmm...maybe I'll try both...


  1. Julie - I am really enjoying your blog and am so impressed by all that you do! Carolyn

  2. Thanks, Carolyn! And so happy to hear that you are reading the blog. I was joking with my friend Jennifer that I often feel like I'm talking to myself. Glad to hear that's not completely the case! Hope all is well.