Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fabric Stash Cloth Book Workshop March 4

Page spread showing hand-dyed doily over a page made from a Japanese silk print overlaid with hand-painted cheesecloth and netting.

Hi there-
I'm taking a little "promotional" break from the Hand Stitching Continued blog posts to let you know about a new workshop that's coming up on March 4 at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, VA.

Cover made with Indigo-dyed checked fabric. I sandwiched two layers of sheers and some cheesecloth, cutting away to reveal the layers.

The workshop is called, Fabric Stash Cloth Book. It's an opportunity to play with your (possibly growing) fabric stash to create a little cloth book using a very simple stitched binding.

Some dyed lace. The book page peeking through!
This page made with a Japanese shibori silk, and Sari ribbon (fabric strips). I sandwiched a sheer pink and then carefully cut away to reveal the backing fabric. Lots of Running stitch to distort the fabric.

I made my first book after receiving a little Japanese fabric sample book from my friend Mary who is now living in Japan. That inspired me and became the impetus for my annual summer family art project. That project, in turn, inspired this workshop.

Japanese silk fabric with cheese cloth and netting.

For my sample book, I decided to play with layering...literally sandwiching fabrics and then cutting away to reveal some of the layers. I had a great time experimenting with some of the sheer and netted fabrics in my stash. I also decided to play with some of the Inspiration Packs (the new Indigo ones!) from Artistic Artifacts along with their Sari Silk ribbon and some of the variegated threads from their AMAZING Wonder-Fil Perle Cottons.

An insert of painted cheesecloth overlaying the page below.
Pulling back the painted cheesecloth to reveal the page below.
Again I sandwiched sheers between layers. This time did a turned-edge reverse applique and also stuffed some areas.

The great thing about this technique is that you can also add lace or cheesecloth and have interesting overlays between pages.  I really think that there is SO MUCH potential in the creation of these little books...

This is the back side of the previous page. I did a little cutting away on this side too.

If you are local to the shop (or within driving distance), I hope that you'll sign up! If you don't think you have an adequate problem! I'll be bringing my bag of fabric scraps and Artistic Artifacts is just brimming with gorgeous fabrics, lace, thread and other luscious goodies!

Back cover. Notice a bit of cheesecloth peeking out!

Hope to see you on the 4th!


  1. Julie's work is even prettier in person, if you can believe it! Luscious color and texture, and her classes always get raves from our customers, so we hope you join us!

  2. I would imagine a great turn out for this much to learn and such a fun way to work down the ever growing fabric stash...have fun!

    1. That's my hope! Though my stash keeps increasing!

  3. A class in creating keepsakes...beautiful!

    1. Hi Mary Ann- I think this project has LOTS of potential beyond the workshop! Looking forward to seeing what the students come up with.