Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Roy Reviewed and Renewed

May 2012 Red Challenge Fabric.Printing with wheat flour paste resist.

We (Jennifer and I) are returning to the beginning. The beginning of Roy G Biv, that is.

June 2012 Orange Challenge Fabric. Adhesive craft foam and hot glue block with nature printing.

We are starting fresh with another round...starting with RED. Are you Red-dy to play? Don't know the rules? You'll find them here.

I'm challenging you this round to think about tints and shades. Perhaps some pale pinks and deep maroons this month?

July 2012 Yellow Challenge Fabric. Background toothpick block. Flowers carved Speedy Carve blocks.

As usual, I will be offering a challenge fabric each month. Just a little incentive to get you motivated to pick up your camera and start your search. In this post, you'll see all the challenge fabrics from the past search for Roy.

August 2012 Green Challenge Fabric. Carved radishes and green peppers.
September 2012 Blue Challenge Fabric. This is a Peace flag honoring my friend Martha. Adhesive craft foam and carved Speedy Carve blocks.
October 2012 Indigo Challenge Fabric. Background texture brayer rubbing overprinted with carved Speedy Carve blocks.
November 2012 Violet Challenge Fabric. Torn freezer paper masks with stenciling and hand painted details.
December 2012 White Challenge Fabric. Rolled and sliced gift wrapped glued to cardboard.
January 2013 Black & White Challenge Fabric. Carved Mastercarve Blocks based on African Designs. Adinkra symbol for strength.

Post your RED photos on Thursday, February 21 (the third Thursday). Can't wait to see what you find.


  1. Today I was going to ask you and/or Jennifer about the colour of this month. Starting over is probably the best idea, especially for all of us who missed out on several months last year. I'll go red-hunting soon!

    P.S. I am SO proud to be the owner of two of your fantastic challenge fabrics, Julie! Thanks again.

    1. We thought Red might be appropriate for February (Valentine's day being tomorrow). I'm hoping that people will stretch a bit...tints and shades as well. I have to get out and about to find some red soon! I'm so happy that you are enjoying the fabrics. It's become a regular part of my monthly routine...guess I'm spreading a bit of myself to all corners of the globe!

  2. I love to hear about all of the things you use for printmaking. Your results are wonderful. My favorites are the black and whites.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I love experimenting with all different sorts of materials in order to make interesting block designs. In fact, I'm off to the studio right now to experiment with string, twine and clothesline. I'll be writing about my discoveries in the next issue of my newsletter. It's always a fun time as I never know exactly what I'll discover.

  3. I think this is fun so I'm going to join in.

    1. That's excellent, Maya! Look forward to seeing your red photos this week.