Monday, February 11, 2013

A "Wild" Time

Dragon by Deena D.
I spent yesterday teaching two adult/child classes at G Street Fabrics. And even though each class only had one actual child, the adults came with their ready-for-anything child-like minds.

We had a wild time!

Here's what we were up to...

A Bevy of Beasts from my Wrapped Wire Animals class.

Grasshopper by Lourdis L.
Pegasus by Lauren L.
Ostrich in process by Gloria S.

A few Jazzys whooping it up from my Jazzy: A Wrapped Doll with Attitude!

Jump Roping Jazzy by Devon C.
Ready for Anything Jazzy by Allie-Blue E.
Wild Woman Jazzy by Tina T.

These classes are always fun, especially for me!


  1. A wild time indeed! Those wire creatures are gorgeous! The ostritch is probably my favourite but Julie, they are all alive with beauty and creative spirit.

    1. Oh Ersi..this is a favorite class to teach as I never know what creatures the students will want to make. So..I ALWAYS learn something new!