Thursday, February 28, 2013


Who knew that a brilliant concept could be so difficult to manifest.

I have been working through a mental block about the A Story in the Making workshop. I am finding it interesting that the monthly newsletters seem to be a breeze for me but when I sit down to intentionally make pieces of fabric that contain a story, I freeze up.

Not a total freeze, though. I did create many background fabrics (which was fun).

I designed some blocks and carved them.

Piece in process.

I played with creating some freezer paper stencils.

I've been putting some things together.

Piece in process.

It's just an interesting self-observation.

I've been looking at some of the background fabrics that were originally meant to be cut up and used as borders for the printed (pale blue) pages.

In my mind's eye I am imaging folk art portraits on these. Portraits of such things as Oaxacan animal carvings or Mexican masks. This is a spontaneous idea. Not really a story, though.

 Wondering if I'm distracting myself...again!


  1. I definitely wouldn't look at all that you've done as a distraction...but more as reconnaissance for the story fabrics! You have a lot to work with here, and it will all start flowing together soon, I'm sure.
    I especially like your freezer paper stencils...

    1. Hi Lisa- On Friday, I had a moment of clarity about this class. I decided that if I really wanted the stories to be "in the making" then perhaps I should start with the "setting" and invite the characters into the space. So...I am arranging the class that that the students will begin by creating a number of backgrounds. They will create a number of texture block and play with "collaging" textures and patterns on the fabric first. See what possibilities open up. To me this may be less stressful. Of course, if some students have a definite story in mind at the start...then they can just go for it! I guess my big concern now is that I won't have much in the way of completed pieces.