Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Details

In addition to finishing up the first four letters of the ALAW Peace alphabet, I've been working on a couple of cloths for Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery.

At first, I thought they were going to be bread cloths. But then I realized these small square cloths could be more versatile. They could be displayed on a dining room table as part of a centerpiece or set on a small table as a decoration.

I decided to stitch some motifs on each cloth.

Since the dappled green one (the result of a couple of layers of sugar resist) reminded me of the sun coming through the leaves of trees, I decided to stitch a couple of leaf shapes.

The variegated purple one with organic circular shapes reminded me of the cherry blossoms as they float from the trees. I looked at some Japanese motifs of cherry blossoms and drew my own variation.

This my first try at putting something like this into the Gallery. I'll be interested to see what sort of feedback they receive.


  1. I just love these, and they each conjure up such wonderful imagery - I definitely sense 'spring' among the greens/yellows of the first one...and the lightness of 'blossoms' in the purple/blue piece. Lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa. I am wandering a bit in the dark with my own artwork these days. I know that these cloths were meant to be functional but in the end they became more decorative to me. I would like to make cloths that have special meaning...just don't know where that is going yet...