Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Return of "Children", Revisiting the Past

Wise One
Yesterday, my neighbor's son dropped off a package that had come while I was away in San Francisco. Inside, were two promised children, returning to me. Martha's daughter asked me if I would like to have them, and I said yes. They are another reminder of Martha and her support of my work. The original hamsa, also returned, a special request from me. I plan to frame it, to keep Martha's memory close.

Small Totem #35

As I was taking photos of these prodigal babies, I decided to snap a couple of shots of two printed and stitched works of mine from a while back. I don't display many of my own pieces, but these two seemed to fit well in my home...a little reminder of past interests...

About Faces #1

About Faces #2

I've decided to keep the 200th post drawing open for another week, as I didn't have many comments. I am offering one of my sample peace flags. All you need to do is leave a comment at this post or the original post, or a comment or Like on Facebook and I will consider you entered in the contest. I will be pulling a name from the hat on Sunday, October 21.

Also...another reminder that the Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge is this Thursday, October 18. Indigo is the color of the month...I know it's a hard one... I'm sure that Jennifer would agree that it can be open to interpretation! So, feel free to be creative! As usual, I will have the Challenge fabric drawing, also on Sunday, October 21 for those of you who participate.

Time to get back to printing in the studio.

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