Sunday, October 7, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle Days 1 & 2

View from our room.
 I'm here in San Francisco for a week long vacation with my husband, Mark.

The town's been hoppin! I think it must be one of the busiest weekends here. First it is Fleet Week. A week of honoring the military. There are navy ships up and down the Bay and we are being buzzed by the aerial acrobatics of the Blue Angels. Quite a sight!

Then there is the America's Cup World Series with wingsail catamaran races. Today, the city was tied up with the Columbus Day parade in the Italian neighborhood. And to top it all off there are the post season baseball games between the San Francisco Giants and the Cincinnati Reds!

To catch up... we arrived at the hotel at around 3 PM on Saturday. Mark managed to get us a great deal at the Hyatt Regency with the above amazing view from our room. The hotel itself is quite interesting. Shaped like an arrow, the floors surround an open atrium. There are strings of lights coming down from the ceiling and a spherical sculpture with violet lights (hmm...roy g biv material?). I'll be sure to take some photos of the atrium this week.

On Saturday we decided to head over to one of our favorite spots, The Ferry Building. Twice a week there is a wonderful farmer's market there. We got there a bit late for that but of course, the inside of the building is just (if not even more) wonderful with its food specialty shops. We managed to purchase the last container of my favorite ginger snaps from Miette.

After being dazzled by the Blue Angels out on the pier, we headed back towards the hotel. It turns out that our hotel overlooks a park that has an ongoing arts and craft fair. I found this wonderful fiber artist, Diana Samuelson who crochets hand and finger puppets. These puppets are sometimes in the form of scarves and bracelets. I bought this fabulous scarf called Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

One end of the scarf is the wolf with his sheep disguise, the other end is the unsuspecting sheep.

The wolf and sheep are hand puppets and the little sheep disguise is a finger puppet. Really delightful!

I spoke to Diana for a short while and hope to purchase more pieces from her this week.

Today was the really big deal...the bridge trek over the Golden Gate Bridge. Mark has been planning this for the last three years. It was foggy, chilly and a bit breezy. Mark's hands were a little clammy but we made it the whole way. A great accomplishment for hubby who is no fan of tall bridges. We will see if the walk will lead to a drive across the bridge on Wednesday...that is the grand plan!

Here are some views of the bridge itself. It is truly a feat of engineering...

That's all for today. I am still on my search for Indigo. Man that's a tough color!


  1. Awesome shots of the Golden Gate bridge! I'm not sure walking across it is something I could do... I know, I know. I can walk thru a balloon filled room, but not over that bridge.

    Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it. And yes, indigo is difficult.

    1. For me the bridge walk wins out over the balloon-filled room! Having lots of fun...and yummy food!

  2. Indigo is a very tough colour but you have some wonderful rusty reds here! Great photographs, Julie!

    1. Thanks Ersi- that bridge is spectacular! We were working towards this for 3 worth it!