Thursday, October 11, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle: Days 5 & 6

View from Battery Spencer

Playing catch-up today with what's been going on out here in San Francisco.

Yesterday, my husband drove across the Golden Gate Bridge...twice! This is a really big deal as it has been a goal of his for three years (and three years of bridge walking).

The other thing we've been doing for three years is watching movies and TV shows that have been filmed in San Francisco. We have become big fans of  The Streets of San Francisco and Vertigo. So, of course we had to find some of the scenes from these shows. First stop on Wednesday was to the Sausalito side of the bridge, up a windy road to Battery Spencer (Streets episode) for a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I can just imagine Martin Sheen (doing his best James Dean impersonation) planning to murder his older girlfriend by tossing her off the edge only to be stopped by San Francisco detective, Steve (Michael Douglas)!

Legion of Honor
 Today we visited three sites... Twin Peaks for a panoramic vista of the entire city (Streets episode), a visit to the Legion of Honor (Vertigo) and Fort Point (both Streets and Vertigo).

My husband, Mark, striking a pose from Vertigo
View of the Golden Gate Bridge from inside Fort Point
 Of course, there were other interesting aspects of these places...

On our trip into the town of Sausalito, I found a very colorful shop with textiles galore...but what caught my eye were the rolls of handmade paper. I couldn't resist purchasing a few sheets. I was amazed at how some of these sheets looked and felt like cloth. I'm excited to see what I will do with these. I'm looking forward to printing on them and using them ...perhaps three-dimensionally.

Today, I was surprised to find that there was an art show at Fort Point, a fort built during the Civil War to protect the entrance into the harbor of San Francisco. The art show, International Orange, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge and is spread through out the Fort. Two art pieces I found particularly interesting...fiber of course.

The first piece, Fiesta Queens by Anandamayi Arnold is a series of seven colorful gowns made entirely of crepe paper. Six of the gowns represent the six counties that supported the building of the bridge. The seventh gown represents a tribute to the bridge.

Gown commemorating the anniversary of the bridge.

The second piece, muhf-uhl by Pae White tries to capture the fog that often encompasses the bridge. This large digitally woven tapestry has colors that range from an intense orange to a soft creamy white.

Detail of tapestry

That's all for now.

And just a reminder that the Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge this month is Indigo. Get ready to post your photos next Thursday, October 18th. I'm still searching...

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