Sunday, October 21, 2012

Autumn Roy and Winners Chosen

Isn't Autumn wonderful? At least it is here in Northern Virginia. I've had two glorious morning walks this weekend. The colors are blazing. It's one big blast of Roy G Biv!

This morning, names went into my husband's baseball cap for two different drawings.

The first was for the 200th post drawing to win this Peace Flag.

Congratulations go to Angela! Angela if you would please send your mailing address to and the flag will be on its way to you soon.

The second drawing was for the Indigo Challenge fabric.

Congratulations, Lisa! You are the winner. If you wouldn't mind also sending your mailing address (I know I have it somewhere, but just can't lay my hand on it).

 Thanks to those who entered these challenges.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Fall is my favorite season because of all those vibrant colors.

    And thanks for picking my name to win your beautiful peace flag!!! I'll send you an e-mail right away.

    1. So happy that the Peace flag will be heading to a good home..Enjoy!

  2. Thank you - one more reason to like indigo! I'm thrilled to have another of your beautiful fabrics...every time I see the orange one it makes me smile.
    - Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa-Your comment found its way to a hidden corner of my blog! I just located it. I am hoping that your fabric will weather the storm and arrive at your parents tomorrow or Tuesday. It's Sunday night and we are having rain...but not much wind yet. I'm hoping it won't get too crazy here over the next couple of days!