Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word: Color Cues

Climb Mountains by Roberta A. Inspired by a pop-up book story written by her daughter when she was seven.

This Fall, I had the opportunity to teach two multi-session classes at The Art League School including an updated and expanded version of Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word. I'm excited to share the inspiring work of students from that class in the next few posts. 

FYI: I will be teaching this class again during the Winter 2021 term. For more information and to register go here.

 I originally taught this as a three session in-person class a couple of years ago. I could see even then the potential of even a few words to express rich memories and family stories.  

This expanded version of the class gave me the opportunity to design a series of new memory challenges using words while at the same time sharing a selection of stitching, applique and dimensional techniques. Students were also given a weekly Journal Exercise as a prompt for their weekly challenge piece.

Roberta A.: Color Cues Journal Exercise

This first assignment focused on using color as a memory cue.

Judy P: Memories of her mother's love of the color orange.

Judy P.
Judy P.: The Big Orange Umbrella on the beach at Cape May to signal the family.

Sue W.: Memories of growing up in CA and worries about ongoing wildfires. 

Debra L.: Memories of falling in love in Hawaii.

Debra L. : Pele's Passion

Family memories...

Bobbie D.: A skirt of my own from Grammy.

Rebecca S.: Bonding with her mother over the moon.

Zeyneb A.: Blueberry picking

Jill B.: Journal page.

Jill B.: My first Granny Smith apple.

Carolyn L.: The eagle next door.

Vicki F-L: Patches of Memories

Vicki F-L: The Red Boot

Barbara B.: Jamming with The Talking Heads.

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