Thursday, November 12, 2020

Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word: Family Mottos


Judy P.: Uff Da!

In the second session of Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word, the class focused on filling stitches, and the option to try "negative space" letters. Students were asked to come up with a Family Motto or Saying.

Judy P.: Doreen's Doritos. A continuation of the "orange food" series.

Judy P.: Continuation of the "orange food" series.

Parental words of wisdom...

Roberta A.: Her father's response to "Why".

Rebecca S.: Her stoic father...

Carolyn L.: Self explanatory!

Barbara B.: Mother's advice: Anything your Set Your Mind To.

Jill B.: Journal Exercise

Jill B.: Ca va' : Her Canadian father's favorite saying.

Bobbie D.: "Jane & Bobing"--her parents.

Debra L.: Family fun and Odyssey of the Mind.

Vicki F-L: One Day at a Time!

Sue W.: The neighborhood where she grew up.

I will be teaching this class online again during the Winter session at The Art League School. Go here for more information.

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