Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Hand Stitching Continued Summer 2020: Manipulating Fabric with Stitch


Judy P.: Beachcombing. A lush challenge piece featuring ruching and Stem stitch net.

This second post about the online Summer 2020 Hand Stitching Continued class, focuses on techniques using Running and Ladder stitches to distort fabric to create dimensional shapes and surfaces. It's surprising what can be created with these two stitches! I demonstrated a number of approaches and students followed along making samples during class time. 

Barbara B.: Sampler

Carolyn L.: Sampler

Carolyn L.: Sampler

Myania M.: Sampler

Myania M.: Sampler

Myania M.: Ruching Sampler

Roberta A.: Sampler

After experimenting, students then had the opportunity to design challenge pieces with these techniques. Nature again was their muse.

Carolyn L. interpreted tree bark using some of these techniques.

Carolyn L.: Journal Prompt

Carolyn L.: Choosing materials

Carolyn L.: Tree bark

Barbara B. continued to explore circular forms.

Jill B. created a beautiful sampler of techniques and then figured out how to design a Hosta leaf!

Jill B.: Sampler of techniques.

Jill B.: Hosta leaf muse
Jill B.: Journal prompt

Jill B.: Journal prompt

Jill B.: Using class techniques to create her leaf.

Jill B.: Completed Host leaf

Jill B.: Hidden "surprise" under Hosta leaf!

Roberta A. effectively combined techniques from the first two classes to create her Beachcombing piece.

Myania M. continued experiments and considered how these might reference and represent her wasp's nest muse.

For more information about the Winter session of the Hand Stitching Continued class that I'm teaching through The Art League School (starts on January 27). Please go here. If you have questions, please leave a comment.

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