Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Hand Stitching ONLINE: Theme #4: Layers

 Please join me for the Fall 2020 Hand Stitching class! Five 2.5 hour sessions (10:00 AM - 3:30 PM eastern US time) starting on Wednesday, September 30. For more information and to register: https://www.theartleague.org/shop/class/online/hand-stitching/

Jill B. Detail "Argonaut" 

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts showcasing the work of students from my Spring 2020 Hand Stitching class at The Art League School.

The fourth session of Hand Stitching ONLINE focused on the theme of Layers. Students learned a number of fabric manipulation techniques including variations of applique and reverse applique along with some additional stitches in order to jump to the next level with their pieces. Some students used nature as a muse. Jill B. was inspired by her favorite sea creature, the Argonaut.

Here is how she interpreted her muse in fabric and stitch.

Jill B.: Argonaut

I could tell that students were really enjoying being able to layer fabric, yarns and stitching in both their samplers and challenge pieces.

Jill B.: Layers Stitch Sampler

Barbara B.: Layers Stitch Challenge

Barbara B.: Layers Stitch Challenge

Carolyn L.: Layers Stitch Challenge

Heidi O.: Layers Stitch Sampler- Herringbone stitch

Martha P.: Layers Stitch Challenge

Irene C.: Layers Stitch Sampler

Jude J: Layers Stitch Challenge
Jude J.: Layers Stitch Challenge

Judy P.: Layers Stitch Challenge

Kristin A.: Layers Stitch Challenge -- 9 Patch
Kristin A.: Layers Stitch Challenge-- Reverse Applique

Paula S.  Layers Stitch Challenge

Roberta A.: Layers Stitch Challenge

Roberta A.: Layers Stitch Sampler

Susan S.: Layers Stitch Challenge--4 Patch

Susan T.: Layers Stitch Challenge

Susan T.: Layers Stitch Challenge--Reverse Applique

Myania decided to try stitching a two-sided piece for her challenge. This is a wonderful way to work back and forth between sides and also to see how stitches look on the "wrong" side. I liken it to blind contour drawing.
Myania M.: Stitch Journal

Myania M.: Layers Stitch Challenge --Two sided piece Side 1

Myania M.: Layers Stitch Challenge--Two sided piece Side 2

A number of these Stitch Challenge pieces became the covers for Stitch Sampler Books. I introduced the concept in the first session: To create an accordion style book to showcase the work from the entire class. Learning how to put one together was the topic for the last session of this class. I'll be ending here with this book cover design by Irene C. Hope you will consider joining me on the next Hand Stitching ONLINE adventure starting up on September 30. Or consider my other class, Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word also starting on September 30 (evenings eastern US time).
Irene C. Sampler book cover


  1. I liked everything about this class .. the structure, instruction, pacing, sequence, materials and focus. I highly recommend Julie’s classes and workshops. The creativity of the other students is also very inspiring.

    1. Thanks so much Barbara. This class is close to my heart. I love seeing new stitching students blossom and find their voices.

  2. Yes I agree with Barbara! This class was pure pleasure. And packed with information.

  3. Yes I agree with Barbara! This class was pure pleasure. And packed with information.