Saturday, November 21, 2020

Hand Stitching Continued Summer 2020: Stuffed and Dimensional Forms


Barbara B.: Stuffed forms and cording

This is the final post about the three-session Summer 2020 Hand Stitching Continued class. The focus of this class session was stuffing techniques, including cording and Trapunto. I'm also including here some additional work that was completed and posted after the class was over. I just love watching the ongoing explorations of my very talented students! I will be teaching a five-session version of Hand Stitching Continued through The Art League School starting on January 27. We will cover additional dimensional stitches and a playful ("game") approach to additional fabric manipulation techniques. Click on the highlighted class title for a link to the class.

Here is a small sampler I did of some of stuffing techniques...different approaches to stuffing shapes and adding details.

Barbara B. really took off with stuffed shapes, still working within her circle theme. These plus other samplers were eventually trimmed and attached to a larger fabric piece to create a quilt (see below).

Barbara B.: Trapunto and cording.

Barbara B.: Covered felt shapes

Barbara B.: Distorted and stuffed shapes

Barbara B.: Stuffed paper shape

Barbara B.: Stitch samplers featuring techniques from the class.

Barbara B.: Quilt in process

Jill B. designed this aerial landscape ingeniously using cording and Trapunto!

Jill B.: Aerial landscape photo (muse)

Jill B.: Sketch

Jill B.: Aerial landscape using cording and Trapunto with stitching.

Myania M. continued to develop dimensional forms in fabric and paper inspired by her wasp's nest muse.
Myania M.: Wasp's nest (muse)

Myania M.: Journal exercises

Myania M.: Journal exercises

Myania M.: Experiments in felt and cloth

Myania M.: More experiments

Myania M.: Wasp's nest in paper and stitch.

Carolyn L. continued with dimensional experiments.

Carolyn L.: Fabric manipulation and Couching using Fly stitch

Carolyn L.: Trapunto with couching

Thank you to all my very talented students!

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