Sunday, November 15, 2020

Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word: Dimensional Letters and Other Projects


Jill B.: "How" : Wool felt letters and cheesecloth collage

This is the last in a series of blog posts about the Fall class, Connecting to Memories: The Stitched Word that I taught online for The Art League School. I will be teaching it again during the Winter session starting on January 27 for five consecutive Wednesday mornings (10:00 am-12:30 pm USA Eastern Standard Time).

In the fourth session, I covered a number of dimensional techniques including Cording, Stuffing/Trapunto and Felt letters. I also suggested that students begin to think about a larger, more long term assignment that would involve stitching a letter (correspondence), recipe, list, poem or memento and to think about alternative ground fabrics such as vintage linens or clothing. I hope to see more results as students continue to work on projects.

Jill B.: "How/Who?": Off the Surface Trapunto

Jill B.: Cording and Trapunto samplers

Roberta A.: Planning a larger project: The Grocery List

Judy P.: A series of Haikus for her youngest granddaughter, Anne. Stitched on a dish towel

Judy P.: Brainstorming ideas for more projects.

Judy P.: Grandmother's Frozen Dough recipe transferred to tea-dyed fabric.

Judy P.: Thinking about stitching the recipe to an old apron.

Barbara B.: List of cooking times for dry rice and beans

Barbara B.: Stitching the list to Jed's shirt sleeve.

Barbara B.: Optional project: One month stitching journal.

Julie B. Booth: Felt and couched yarn letters with cheesecloth fabric collage. Honoring the Swedish Fish candies my maternal grandmother kept in her candy drawer.

Julie B. Booth: Stitched letter written by my Dad when he was just learning his capital letters. I included the erasures (white Running stitched letters). Stitched on a cotton handkerchief, the kind he used to carry in his pocket.


  1. Everything about the last few blog posts on the Memories class is so delightful...I so enjoy seeing your work and that of the others in class on what was truly en epic journey with needle and thread. I am registering for the winter session, and cannot wait to see you again, and see what we make. Julie your classes and blog are awesome.

    1. Hi Barbara- Thanks so much! It's been such a pleasure to teach you this year and see your style develop and watch you just take off. I've so enjoyed teaching this memories class. I love that students felt a comfort in sharing stories and the visual results have been awe-inspiring! I can't wait to teach it again and to further develop new memory-inspired classes beyond that.-- Julie