Monday, June 1, 2015

May Stitch-In

Cheryl C.

This Sunday we had our third Stitch-In. It was the largest turn-out yet. Lots of great conversation, sharing and stitching. We each had a chance to show what we were working on, talk about how we felt about hand stitching, and "oo and aahh" over pieces and books. And to also have a laugh or two.

For me, these meetings have been so rich and rewarding. There was a real air of camaraderie...despite the fact that many of these stitchers were meeting each other for the first time.

Here are some of the pieces people are working on...

Alice H. brought in two more of her shibori pieces.

Alice H.
Alice H.
Amy L. showed us this sweet little stitched bird (looking through a window) and started stitching on the blue and purple piece during the meeting.

Amy L.
Ann Z. is making great progress on her cat piece for her granddaughter's foster children.

Ann Z.
Barbara M-C brought in these pieces to work on. She used some of the print blocks from her Caravan piece and combined them with gelatin printing. The pieces are printed on sheer fabric and Barbara is backing them on white.

Barbara M-C
Barbara M-C
Barbara M-C

Cheryl C. brought in her healing cloth that she started this spring. This piece focuses on her relationship with her mother. Cheryl said that she felt her mother guiding her as she continued to stitch on it. It was as if she was having a conversation with her while working on this piece. She is continuing to add to it. (Capturing the colors in the lighting was a bit tricky!)

Cheryl C.

Peggy G. is continuing to make progress on her book for her mom's 95th birthday. She showed us the completed birthday wish page and a new page with "bacteria" (Her mom worked for the health department).

Peggy G.
Peggy G.
Lisa B. had to leave a bit early so I didn't get the chance to photograph her piece...but it is spectacular! She is making a piece for her mother with lots of color, texture and fabrics with natural motifs.

I brought in my Peace Bird Alphabet series to work on. Here is the most recently completed letter.

Julie B.
I also talked about my plans for summer stitching including a stitch book for my new winter class in mark making and some pieces about my Dad.

What a wonderful afternoon with these creative, caring and sharing women!


  1. Julie, this rocks!!! Please put me on you mailing list.

    1. Thanks, Judy. I just love teaching these classes and seeing what results...and then to have the students continue to create and share...I'm blown away all the time!