Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Roy Reminder...Thursday is Indigo!

Here is your monthly reminder that the third Thursday of the month is this week. Time for some "Roy" (searching for the colors of the rainbow)! This month we search for INDIGO. This is always a toughy for me.

Post up to five INDIGO photos on Thursday, June 18 and leave a comment here or on Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog. We'll link to your  post for a colorful blog hop. The more the merrier...so pass the word along!

Looking forward to an INDIGO Thursday!


  1. magnifique indigo que je connaissais pas assez.. j'ai visité une exposition dernièrement!

    1. Hi Elfi- I love indigo dyed cloth...but it is a difficult color to find. Hope you enjoyed the exhibition.

  2. ...one of my favorite colors but one of the hardest to define...hope my choices are close...