Thursday, November 13, 2014

Story Cloth Wrap Up

Ann Z.: Seasons Mandala

 Last night, was the final class of the Fall session of  Fabric Painting, Printing and Stitching to Tell a Story with Cloth (aka Story Cloth). I'm excited to share the progress of these storytellers!

Alice H. experimenting with Running Stitch.
Alice H.
Amy L.: Dragon.
Amy L.: Sheep.
Amy L.: Horses
Amy S.
Amy S.: Folded, painted and printed fabric.
Barbara M-C.: Caravan.
Barbara M-C.: Detail.
Barbara M-C.: Detail.
Barbara M-C.: Protection cloth (created between the Spring and Fall sessions).
Judy M.: Gelatin print.
Judy M.: Gelatin print.
Mel C.: Bird and flower.
Mel C.: "Seeds" (French knots) and couched twine.
Pam D.: Women.
Susan P.: Ancients.
Susan P.: Ancients and symbols.
Susan P.: Vast Forever (Created between Spring and Fall sessions)
Susan P.: Vast Forever detail.
I'm looking forward to a Story Cloth get together in a few months to see how the stories turn out. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this fabulous group of creative women! Thanks for a GREAT class!!!


  1. I loved the class and will miss it. It really inspired me to work with fabric, embroider endlessly and just be free with what I am doing. Endless fun. Thank you Julie! I'll keep painting fabric and embroider even more:)

    1. Hi Barbara-
      I know when next Wednesday night rolls around, I'm not going to know what to do with myself! :) I'll miss teaching this class and sort of wished I planned another session over the winter rather than the Exploring Surface Design class (which is fun too!). I will really miss having you in class! You and your work are inspirational. I really do plan to finish some pieces of my own so I can share them when we next get together....really!!!