Sunday, June 28, 2015

June Stitch-In!

Ann Z.

Just three of us at the Stitch-In today. It seems no matter what the size of the group, it is always a great exchange of ideas and thoughtful conversation.

Cheryl C. had a great idea for what to do when you need to step back from a piece to really "see" it.

Cheryl C.: Printed photo upper right, tracing upper left, Healing Cloth bottom center.

She took a photo with her I-Phone and then printed it (she said that she probably could have scanned her piece instead). Then Cheryl used tracing paper over the print out to draw stitching guidelines. Instead of transferring them directly to her piece, Cheryl decided to use the tracing as a guide and to freehand draw the stitching lines with a marking pencil.

Cheryl made a lot of progress and stitched these details in during our get-together.

Cheryl C.

Ann Z. is just about finished with the cat piece. Here is the piece so far (and see above for a detail shot).

Ann Z.

Ann also worked on the little dog piece today. She's planning to get these two done in the next few weeks before she heads to Texas to finally meet her granddaughter's foster children and give these pieces to them as gifts.

Ann Z.

I've been having a hard time "settling" on a stitched piece these days. I started working on a piece when I was down in Virginia Beach (more about that trip soon). But decided to bring along the handkerchiefs to see if I could finally get going on some pieces about my Dad. I did a bit of stitching (sorry no photos yet) white on white. I spent some time talking about my Dad and we all exchanged some interesting and funny family stories.

Thanks Cheryl and Ann for a fun and engaging afternoon. I'm looking forward to next month!

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