Saturday, August 4, 2012

What do you desire?

Robbin, my brother's S.O. (which I think is the P.C. way to refer to a girlfriend these days), sent me an email yesterday entitled, Beach Vacation!!!. After the question about pillow preferences (which I must say was the first time I'd ever been asked that thoughtful!), Robbin asked the following question...

Any other requests, needs or desires, while you are here?

I jumped on the desires...

Desire to relax a little
Desire to see the ocean
Desire some nature walks and talks
Desire some good food and good company
Desire some yoga*

Of course right now, I am desiring chocolate, as I revise my Power Point presentation for the Monday and Wednesday lectures on Kitchen Resists.

I am looking forward to my other desires being fulfilled soon.

*Robbin is a yoga teacher


  1. Oooh! Dark chocolate with roasted almonds and a hint of salt...and a glass of red wine too. Yum!

    1. I'm right there with you!!! Nestle's is a poor substitute, but all I have in the house right is also an excuse to bake...which I plan to do this evening. Aaron thinks I baking for him...he's just an excuse! (teehee)

  2. I'm sure I could have thought more clearly if I hadn't seen the photo of the chocolate chips first. So all I can think of now is CHOCOLATE! Rich, dark chocolate. :0)

    1. A bag of these chips became a chocolate chip banana bread..made for my son. I confess to sneaking some pieces. When he's home from college I seem to be constantly baking...I know I "say" it's for him...but if it has chocolate in it...well you know...resistance is futile!