Monday, August 6, 2012

The Storm Before the Calm

Today starts my crazy week.

Tonight is the first lecture, Playing in the Kitchen: Resists from the Kitchen and More.

This morning I ironed some of the larger resist samples for the show and tell after the Power Point.
I have to say...I am a bundle of nerves. That is usually how it goes with me and lectures. I will probably be running to the bathroom to pee several times before I get up in front of the group.

It's very strange... I don't feel this way about giving a workshop. With workshops, I really feel in my element.

Also strange is that I spend hours and hours studying my lecture notes, trying to memorize the perfect turn of phrase to describe a technique and then... I get up and usually wing it! Of course, after spending all those hours...I'm not sure winging it is exactly the right turn of phrase (tee hee).

I have to do this all over again Wednesday morning, followed by a 4-hour workshop.

Then I'll be out the door at 6 AM on Thursday, heading for the airport and down to Savannah to pick up my folks.

With fingers crossed, I will be heading to Maine on Friday....ah...

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