Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Walks

Morning walk...

Prescott Park, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Afternoon walk...

Sea Point Beach, Kittery Point, Maine.


  1. Oh! My dear Julie, your photos from the beach walk are wonderful! The shot of Queen Ann's Lace against that brilliant blue sky is fantastic. Keep thinking those odd angles...they make for great photos.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the time together. How are the art projects going? I forget what it is this year. We definitely need a Skype session once you return and kindergarten starts on the 29th. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Jennifer-it's been crazy but fun. My brother and sister-in-law fr nyc are here with their twins (same age as yours) and 11 yr old daughter. There are a total of 10 of us!!

      Did sun printed scarves and bags today. Some more successful than others...ah well.