Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What is it about quilts?

Detail from Little Trickster

What is it about quilts?

I am not a quilter, though I think I have a quilter's sensibility.

Detail from Blue

Many of the designs that end up on my dolls look a bit like quilting blocks...though some more like quilting blocks gone askew...

Detail from Rammie

Last night, I gave my Playing in the Kitchen talk for Friendship Star Quilters in Gaithersburg, Maryland. What a welcoming group!

After my talk, there was show and tell, where members get to come up and show what they've been working on or share quilts with the group.

Now, I am truly a lover of art quilts. But there is just something about the utilitarian quilt...all that work, patience and love embedded in the fabrics and designs. All that tradition being passed between generations. Quilts for celebrating good times and to give comfort to a sick loved one.

There is just something about that that is very special!

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