Sunday, May 15, 2016

Story Cloth: Slowly Stepping into Stitch

Hattie B.: Mourning dove.

This past week in To Tell a Story with Cloth, students spent time doing a bit of printing and cutting and stitching. The stories are beginning to take shape!

Hattie B. decided to do a little book of the birds that she and her grandson see at the bird feeder. I love the textural stitching! Hattie is using a beautiful softened linen and we all wanted to know her source. If you're is the link!

Hattie B.: Gold finches (sorry about the background camera was NOT cooperative!).

Amy P. is continuing to explore her ancestral connections with the shtetl. She's cut and combined a number of her pieces. Now it's time to get stitching (before her daughter arrives!).

Amy P.
Jan B. is working on a piece that in some ways jumps off from her paper lifeline (see here for more info). Her piece is about the journey...with little safe havens (homes full of love). She spent time in class couching threads along the path.

Jan B.

Karen M. is working on a series of pieces about spring. She plans to cut and attach the cherry blossoms to one of her pieces.

Karen M.
Karen M.
Karen M.: Cherry blossoms

Lee W. decided to continue with the theme of protection that she started exploring in the cut paper exercise. She is composing a series of vignettes using similar shapes to express the theme.

Lee W.

Kathy F. is designing a piece as a memorial to a friend (who was an artist) who recently passed away. She plans to incorporate the symbol of being lifted out of a cage (to safety)...a motif that her friend used often in her art. Her friend also loved nature.

Kathy F.
Kathy F.: Detail of a little girl design that she found on a piece of vintage cloth.
Kathy F.: Detail printed owl

Kathy also made a monoprint of the owl...a reverse of her block print!

Kathy F.

Marine L. started to play with stitching!

Marine L.: A figure starting to appear.
Marine L.: Could this be the center of a flower?

Kathy B. is beginning a series with her cat prints.

Kathy B.
I'm so enjoying seeing where things are moving. This coming week is our last...this class is always too short!


  1. Just wonderful!!!! How proud you must be!!!

    1. I AM proud! Love seeing how things are developing with this group. Wish we had more sessions planned. This Wednesday is the last session :(