Monday, May 9, 2016

Hand Stitching: Pattern, and Texture Beginnings

Kate G.: Challenge using commercial fabric as a jumping off point.

This past week in Hand Stitching, we started in on Texture. We talked about actual texture versus visual texture. We worked on some stitches that could be used for "seeding" as well as composite stitches.

Christina H.: Texture Sampler beginnings.

Kate G.: Texture Sampler beginnings.

Susan P.: Texture Sampler beginnings.

 I also got to see some finished samples for the previous week's theme, Pattern.

Kate G.: Pattern Sampler

Kate G.: Pattern Challenge
Christina H.: Pattern Challenge using commercial fabric as a jumping off point.
Susan P.: Pattern Sampler.
Susan P.: Pattern Challenge - spirals

Can't wait to see what students bring in for this week!


  1. I wish I lived nearby so I could join your hand stitching class! I will try and follow along online! This summer I am taking some hand stitching classes at Quilters Affair in Sisters Oregon.
    Claudia McCarter, Beaverton, Oregon

    1. Hi Claudia- Thanks for commenting! Happy to hear that you are enjoying the posts and that you will have the opportunity to do some hand stitching over the summer. I just love hand stitching...I think you have a closer connection to your project and it can be very meditative.

  2. Glad I found your blog. So much inspiration here!

    1. Thanks so much, Gayle. I am so inspired by my students and enjoy sharing what they are doing. Happy to hear that you are inspired too :)!

  3. I so enjoy seeing the creative work you inspire in your students!!

    1. Thanks's a treat to see what they do in class and the finished pieces that they bring in!