Sunday, May 8, 2016

Story Cloth: "Introducing" Some Characters

Kathy B.

This past Wednesday, in To Tell a Story with Cloth, we invited some characters to enter our stories.
Students had the chance to carve print blocks, create craft foam blocks, emboss recycled aluminum pans for printing plates (a project from my book, Fabric Printing at Home) and design stencils.

Here are some of the characters that showed up!

Kathy B. carved this angry cat. She is continuing work on a series of hers and friends' pets who have passed.

Kathy B.'s print block
Kathy B.: Test prints

Hattie used her grandson's drawing to design her block of a Horned Owl.

Hattie's print block
Hattie B.: Print

Jan B.  played with different color combinations with her block.

Jan B.: Block and print.

Karen M. had fun designing this leaf block. She carved the same image, with subtle differences onto both sides of the block and plans to have fun printing them in combination.

Karen M.: Print blocks.

Kathy F. experimented with both carving a print block (the bird) and incising a foam block (frog).

Kathy F.: Test prints.
Kathy F.: Detail

Marine L. really got into the carving! Here are her blocks and prints.

Marine L.
Amy got inspired to create this bird block.

Amy P. 

She then found a photo of the shtetl where her relatives once lived. That block was designed from incised craft foam. Printed together they are the beginnings of a story!

Amy P.

Here are some demo prints I made with recycled aluminum printing plates.

Julie B.

Looking forward to this coming week and seeing the stories develop!

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