Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Full Wednesday Part 2

Susan P.: Line sampler

I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and write about Part 2 of last Wednesday! In Wednesday night's Hand Stitching class, we worked on the theme of Pattern and Rhythm. I will be showing you some finished samples next week. Students brought in their Line sample and challenge pieces this week. Some great pieces and explorations...

Susan P.: Line sampler
Susan P.: Line challenge base on one of her Journal Prompt drawings.
Susan P.: Line challenge
Christine H.: Line sampler
Christine H.: Line challenge using her hand-printed fabric.
Christine is a painter so she decided to experiment with stitching into one of her painted canvases.
Claudia E.: Line sampler
Claudia E.: Line challenge. Claudia is interested in using stitching as a form of drawing.
Kate G.: Line sampler
Kate G.: Line challenge. In this piece, Kate distorted the Stem stitch.
Kate G.: Line challenge. I love how she shows movement in this piece.

One of my students, Peggy G., is taking the class for the second time and is doing it as an independent study. Her theme is clouds and she is looking at both actual clouds and interpretations of them in art, including Asian art. Here are a few of the fabrics that she painted and printed in Class #1.

Peggy is trying out a few ideas. I love the little sampler of different stitches in cloud shapes. She is going to use that sampler as a guide to experiment in a larger format.

Peggy G.: Trying out different stitches inside cloud forms.
Peggy G.: Detail
What a great idea sampler!
Great work Stitchers!


  1. They are all fantastic! Compliments to you as an instructor!

    1. Thanks Robbie...I love setting the stage and seeing what the students do...They always inspire and educate me!