Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hand Stitching: A Bit of This and That!

Susan P.: Texture Challenge
The week has flown by! Mom was visiting and my son, Aaron, graduated with his Masters in Psychology! Much celebrating! So... I'm finally posting about last Wednesday's Hand Stitching class...just in time.

Susan P. completed her Texture Sampler and also a Challenge piece. Spirals are a definite theme (see last week's piece too).

Susan P.: Texture Sampler
Susan P.: Texture Challenge detail. I love the overlaying of these single threads and the different sizes of Seeding Stitch.
Claudia E. stitched another figure. Her stitched lines are very expressive! And...I think this class is her first experience hand stitching!

Claudia E.
Kate G. continued work on her Pattern Challenge using a piece of black and white commercial fabric. A great example for this challenge!

Kate G.: Pattern challenge using commercial fabric.
Kate also had fun in class playing with Layers.

Kate G.: Reverse applique and couching.
Peggy G. continued to work on her cloud series. She started playing around with adding metallic and shiny threads to pieces (not shown here). I love her use of the cheesecloth layers and also the example where the stitched background "reveals" the cloud shape.

Peggy G.
Peggy G.
Looking forward to seeing what students have been stitching this week!


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    1. Thanks Robbie...really excited to see what the students are coming up with!

  2. Some really impressive work here by your students, Julie! They must have a very good teacher.

    1. Thanks Sharmon! I provide the ideas and review the stitches...they create the art!