Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trash Talk and Roy Reminder

Yesterday, I did my monthly gallery sit at Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Arts Center. One of the other galleries, Target Gallery, was setting up a new show called Trash Talk.

Although the gallery itself was closed for installation (got a peek and can't wait to get a closer view), some pieces were installed out in the big open hallway at the Factory.

Two pieces by Alex Lockwood caught my eye...

The first was an installation of what looked like cactus blooming or sea anemones.

These intricate pieces are made from lottery tickets!

The other installation was a bit more interactive. Strings of bottle caps were suspended from the ceiling. By gently pulling on a cord, you could make them move and rattle.

Ingenious ways to recycle trash!

The rainbow colors used in these two pieces is also a reminder that Thursday, April 18th is the next installment of Roy G Biv...searching for the colors of the rainbow. This month's color is YELLOW. If you're new to this challenge click here for more information. 


  1. What?!? We're at yellow next week already? Holy sh!! I need to get my act together. Kept thinking it was the next week. Thank you for the reminder!

    A quick trip the TF may be in order...

    1. Yes week is yellow! I can't believe it either. Have a few photos but need more. The Trash Talk show is up until April 28. I'd like to sneak down and get a look at what is actually in the gallery. What I could see through the window yesterday looked enticing...

    2. Just LOVE those amazing pieces made of lottery tickets - like gigantic and slightly terrifying flower heads ....

    3. Like the kind of flowers that might eat you! They were amazing, beautiful and ingenious. If you click on the artist's name it will take you to a short interview article about the lottery tickets.