Friday, April 5, 2013


I spent a couple of days this week organizing and putting to bed a ten year journey.

From 2002 to 2012, my friend Martha Hill and I collaborated on a project.

We turned the library at my synagogue into an art space.

We had 61 exhibitions.

We showed the work of 39 different artists/exhibitors.

We learned a lot about displaying work with bare bones equipment.

We got to meet/talk to many artists and learn about their work and hopes.

We got to share beauty and information with our fellow congregants.

And during this time Martha and I got to be good friends. We got the chance to share our own art and dreams with each other.

I think Martha would be impressed by this notebook filled with the descriptions of all 61 exhibitions, with the list of artists. This notebook contains many shared memories.

Now, I am passing it along to a new librarian. She seems young and eager. I hear that she is also an artist. I am hoping that she will add her own pages to this notebook.

So dear friend, Martha, I couldn't help but add a little dedication to you when the compilation was complete.

I'm smiling...I'm ready to pass this on...

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