Friday, April 26, 2013

Keeping Constant

Letters I and J for the Peace Alphabet (A Letter A Week 2013)

This week I've been grateful for having monthly projects to keep me on track.

Cut paper designs for Julie B Booth Surface Design News.

These small monthly constants have kept me anchored during some difficult moments.

Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge Fabric.

I've also been grateful for friends who listen.



  1. It's true - so comforting to have those constants that keep us grounded in tough times...both friends & projects.
    I'm sorry to hear that things have been tough, and hope that you encounter happier moments very soon...

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It's been a difficult week for my parents. Getting older is not for wimps, as they say. I'm hoping things improve soon. It's hard not to be right there to help them out. Though I've never met you "in person" thanks for being so thoughtful and encouraging.