Thursday, April 18, 2013

Searching for Roy G Biv II: Yellow (Friday Morning Update)

I'm looking forward to seeing the YELLOWS you'll be posting today as the search for the colors of the rainbow continues.

Love these crazy pieces of farm equipment! Very inspirational YELLOW from Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Interesting shadows.
Theses words painted on a building in Harrisonburg conjured up YELLOW.
I inherited this old jar from my grandmother. It has a satiny patina.
An art piece from Alex Lockwood using recycled lottery tickets.
Up close in the garden. The design in the center in the shape of tulips!
Gourds from the local farm stand photographed last October.
YELLOWS orchids from the Farmer's Market in San Francisco.

To play along, just post a comment here and let me know that you have some YELLOW to share. I'll be updating this post throughout the day and will link to your blog. If you do not have a blog, feel free to send me your photos in an email and I will post them here. I'll be updating this post until midnight (Eastern U.S.A. time) Saturday, April 20.

Here is this month's Challenge fabric: A full fat quarter! I used a salt resist and overprinted with moldable foam and carved blocks. In order to have a chance to win this fabric, you must play along. Drawing for the fabric will be on Sunday, April 21st.

To see more YELLOW, visit Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's blog.

Maya at Million Little Stitches found YELLOW all around her this month.

Fiona at Paper Ponderings is pondering a quote in her weekly Thursday Thoughts. Her YELLOW contribution this month is a Braille bus stop sign!

Deb at SaltBushStitch takes us for a walk around her neighborhood with YELLOW highlights (I'm in love with the pale YELLOW stones!)

Check out the YELLOWS from Margaret over at her blog Charlton Stitcher. Love that last photo and the pipes in primary colors.

Be sure to take a look at Karen Anne Glick's YELLOW Pinterest  Board.

Kim Henkel at Letting in the Light has a buttery YELLOW journal to share along with some subtle YELLOW still lifes.

Lisa at arzigogolare has stacks of Nancy Drew YELLOW and an audio from U2 (which I'm enjoying as I type these words) and this is just the first YELLOW installment!

Susan at Tracemarks has the happiest YELLOW tin with cats!


  1. As usual, wonderful yellows. I just adore those crazy pieces of farm equipment!

    I have posted my offerings - perhaps rather tame by comparison - and look forward to seeing all the others.

    1. Hi Margaret- Thanks for playing along this month. Isn't that farm equipment wild!?. I made my husband turn the car around so I could take photos.

  2. Such a lovely optimistic color! I've dedicated a whole board to it on Pinterest:

    1. Beautiful yellows on your Pinterest board...a visual delight!

  3. Love your yellows! I am a bit slow but my yellow post will be up in a few minutes!

    1. Kim- Some really lovely yellows in your post today. You do make the most beautiful journals! And I have a love for blooms that have dried delicate pieces of paper. Even did a post about some this month. Thanks for joining in.

  4. So many great shades of yellow, Julie! I especially love the farm equipment you found - great shadows, too - the kind of thing you could spend all day photographing. And the gourds are just as crazy-cool...
    Your fabric came out beautifully - what a neat background (I'm happy to have seen that technique in your newsletter so I can try something similar - it's a great effect).

    1. oooo-hope you try some of the techniques from the Newsletter and post some results (I know, I know...lots of other projects to work on!) Had fun reading your post today...always so imaginative. Looking forward to the next installment!

  5. Wonderful yellows, especially that farm equipment. I'm also fascinated with the art work made out of lottery tickets!

    1. Isn't that farm equipment wonderful? I was visiting my son at college and happened upon it. I was also amazed at the sculptures made with lottery tickets. Thanks for playing this month.