Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mending Redux and "Seed" Fabric

 This evening my son headed back for his last semester of college. It is very hard for me to believe this! How is it possible that four years could go by so quickly?

Last night, he asked if I could do some mending again of his favorite cargo shorts. So today I was patching over patches! I happened to find a piece of salted fabric I'd created with browns and blacks that seemed to blend well with the camouflage fabric in the shorts. These shorts are evolving into an art piece! Eventually, I will have to steal them away and really go at it with the stitching!

Today, I also had some correspondence with Karen Anne Glick. If you don't know of her or her work, she is a very creative quilt artist who has challenged herself to make a small quilt a day. These pieces are very spontaneous and are always accompanied by a short poem or Haiku. They are wonderful visual surprises!

Her quilt today featured pieces of the White Challenge fabric she won from me for playing along in the Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge.

Here is the block I used to create the fabric. It is made of pieces of rolled gift wrap glued to corrugated cardboard.

It was a surprising block and after printing with it, I was reminded of pumpkin seeds. Karen Anne was reminded of sunflower seeds and of a special porcelain sunflower seed she received as a gift. The seed is from an amazing art installation by Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei. There is a marvelous video about the installation on Karen's blog today.

That's all for now. My eyes are a bit tired from all the hand stitching I've done over the last few days. Time to relax and get reused to my empty nest.


  1. I just saw Karen's work with your print and wow! I loved it and it shows (apart from her great talent) just how inspiring and stimulating your techniques are. I must stop procrastinating and try them out myself!

    1. Thanks, Ersi! Always great to get a compliment about the techniques and the fabric. I think what Karen Anne did with the fabric was wonderful!

  2. I used a bit more of the fabric in today's quilt

    I love seeing how you made the block to print with - I might just have to try my hand at printing again!

    Karen Anne