Monday, January 21, 2013

A Letter A Week: Test Prints


I spent Sunday in the studio. Lots of printing and fabric painting.

Finally, did some test prints of the first four  ALAW 2013 letters.

I have a few possibilities about how I want to work with the print blocks. Had an inspiration at 11:50 PM (when I should have been in bed!)...I like the color washed background and may try printing them again in a deep brown then add some stitched highlights.

I have to figure out what the final presentation of all the letters will look like, as well.


  1. I really like the letters with the color washed background, too. I look forward to seeing the finished letters.

    1. Thanks! At first, I just thought that this fabric would make a nice background for tests but I'm liking it so much more. I'll have to make a few more pieces of it (maybe continue to keep this piece to test out future letters). My mind was all over the place with ideas for how to use the blocks. Strange that it took posting the photos at such a late hour to come up with the answer! Thanks so much for commenting.