Friday, January 11, 2013

A Visit to the SCAD Museum

Nick Cave detail
 Yesterday, my Mom and I took a trip to the Savannah College of Art or SCAD Museum.

Some of you may remember my last visit to this museum in April 2012 when Jennifer Q and I were having a little back and forth...just the beginnings of the Search for Roy G Biv.

So to start...yes...the Search for Roy is continuing...or I should say after Roy, as we are continuing with Black and White. So if you'd like to play along, post your black and white photos next Thursday, January 17.

 Back to the SCAD Museum... I have fallen in love with this little museum! First, the exhibits are always interesting. There seems to always be at least one exhibit that is fiber this case two exhibits. Students from the school are the docents. They are extremely friendly and seem to be very happy to engage you and talk about the exhibit where they are stationed. And...they know a lot! My Mom and I spent a good while looking at an exhibit of collector cards having to do with war and the exhibit we might have passed by had the student docent not been as engaging or informative (and a former soldier himself).

The two exhibits that were fiber related included, Little Black Dress, a wonderful exhibit of couture black dresses, the oldest being from 1907, the newest for a 2013 collection. The exhibit is eventually heading to New York City (Jennifer, you should be on the look out for it!).

The other fiber exhibit was, Stretching the Limits: Fibers in Contemporary Painting. This exhibit: highlights artists who are exploring fibers-based media within the language of painting. This group exhibition broadens the dialogue of contemporary painting practices by showcasing the ways in which formal considerations such as color, texture and composition are created with thread, fabric, clothing and sculptural manipulations of canvas. There were some familiar names such as Sheila Hicks and Nick Cave.

This piece is made of sewn ankle bells!

Close up of the ankle bells.

Sheila Hicks

Nick Cave

Thread paintings
Expect to see some additional photos as part of my after Roy, Black and White Search next Thursday.


  1. Hmmm...there was a Little Black Dress exhibit at the Victoria & Albert when we were in London last summer. Saw it from afar on our first visit and went back just to see it another day. I'd roamed so much that morning, though, that by the time I arrived at the V&A all I really wanted to do was find a spot to sit, eat, have a drink and just be. So...I left without seeing the exhibit...or anything else that day.

    I'll definitely go see it in NYC! Won't miss it a second time.

    Love the work showing at SCAD. A trip in February is definitely in order. We're going to Hilton Head over the girls' winter break so...


    1. So glad that you will have another opportunity to see the Little Black Dress! There should be a number of new exhibits up by the time Feb rolls around. Hope you will post about them. I will be back in Savannah in March with Mark so who knows...might go visit the Museum again!