Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stitching, Chopping, Baking.

Today was a day to finish up a project and an attempt to make something new.

I finished hand hemming the set of Peace flags and back stitched my initials and date.

This set of flags is for Mary Jane Dodd who initiated the Flags for Peace Project this past September. We are doing an artists' trade, something I'm very excited about.

The attempt at something new came in the form of gingersnaps! To be more specific, Miette gingersnaps. You see, these cookies are a favorite of mine. They are made by a small company out in San Francisco. My husband and I first happened upon them in October of 2009. It was love at first bite (and second and third). When we visited San Francisco again this past October, the first stop was the Miette shop at The Ferry Building.

I received a wonderful series of Hanukkah gifts from my husband this year. All the ingredients to make Miette gingersnaps along with the Miette cookbook. So today, we made our first attempt with a half batch.

My husband was a very good grater and chopper.

I did the measuring and mixing. We rolled out the cooled dough between sheets of wax paper and made a couple of attempts to cut the cookies. In the end, we had to let the rolled out dough sit for several hours in the refrigerator.

Finally we managed to get enough decent looking cookies into the oven. Even so, they were not too pretty!

Here is what the actual Miette cookies look like.

Ah is a first attempt. The cookies did have that gingersnap bite...but I think I might add a hair more sugar next time.


  1. What a wonderfully thoughtful and creative set of gifts!

    1. Yes, I really enjoyed Hanukkah! Each night, some new ingredient or tool to make my cookies...thoughtful, indeed!

  2. It's always good to have help in the kitchen with projects like cookie making!
    Here's a thought for a future batch...what about - instead of rolling out the dough between parchment paper (which sound like a good idea but I have found doesn't always work) - sprinkling the dough with fine sugar and rolling over that? Maybe this would also make them the right amount of sweet, and give a nice 'finish' (plus not make them too flour-y). That said, the ones you made look very gingersnap-y!
    And what a lovely rainbow your Peace Flags make...

    1. Lisa- What an excellent idea! I will make a note of using sugar for our next batch.