Sunday, September 23, 2012

And the winner is...

 Congratulations, Joan!

You have a choice between these two flags:

Please email me to let me know which of these you prefer and I will get it off to you.

Thanks to all those who played along this month. Next month's color is INDIGO. Now that's going to be an interesting color... The next Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge is on Thursday, October 18. I hope more of you will play along next month. I'm already thinking about the Challenge fabric...

Ersi just posted some BLUES for all to enjoy. She's sorry that she missed the deadline but she's been quite busy with the Flags for Peace Project with her group over in Spain. Enjoy her Mediterranean BLUES and take a peak at the amazing flags from her group!


  1. You are so kind to link back to my blues, Julie, thank you so much! For mentioning the Flags project too. My congratulations to Joan, she is very lucky to get one of your beautiful Peace Flags!

    1. I was happy to link back to your beautiful blues and the amazing peace flags from your group. Another of my flags may be available as I head towards my 200th blog post...