Sunday, September 16, 2012


Two sets of Peace Flags

Despite the lack of blog posts, I've been busy...

Working on the Peace Flags...

Getting ready for Roy (Blue this Thursday)...

Blue vases
One of two choices in Peace Flags for the Blue Challenge Fabric
...and creating new fabrics for the project in Issue #5 of my online newsletter (Julie B Booth Surface Design News). Issue #5 comes out on Saturday, September 22. This month's project focuses on mark making and I had a great time creating the block designs and printing the fabrics.

Mark making block sampler
Sign up for the newsletter is in the upper right hand column of this blog and you can take a look at past issues by looking through the Newsletter Archives.

Now back to writing the Newsletter.


  1. It's okay to skip a day or two of posting, especially when you're hard at work in the studio creating such wonderful pieces. Can't wait to see your peace flags fluttering in the breeze.

    1. Hi's 11 PM and I just finished the newsletter. Lots going on this week. Gotta finish sewing up some flags. Turns out I'll be teaching my Wednesday class after all! Boy I'm to bed.