Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prayer Flags for Peace

Speedy Carve block ready to carve.

 It's rather last second but I've decided to join in on the Flags for Peace Project.

A few months ago, after seeing a number of my hamsa designs, my friend, Jennifer suggested that a series of hamsa prayer flags would be a wonderful edition to the project.

I dragged my feet as I figured I already had too many commitments.

After the death of my dear friend, Martha,  I wandered over to Ersi's blog curious about her weaving a flag for the Project on a little childhood loom.

I told her that I was considering making a series of prayer flags using the special hamsa I had designed for Martha during her battle with cancer.

Martha's hamsa symbolizing protection, healing, strength and love.

Ersi was very encouraging, she wrote, I wish you did join the project, your idea about the centerpiece is lovely and I'm sure that creating a flag around Martha's memory will be deeply inspiring.
So I am taking a deep breath and starting...

Making a black and white version of the original traced design.

Finished tracing ready to enlarge.

Making a tracing of the enlarged version.

Tracing ready to transfer onto the Speedball Speedy Carve block.

Design flipped over onto the block and using the back of a spoon to transfer.


  1. Oh! I'm so happy you decided to make hamsa peace flags. Can't wait to see what comes next.

    1. thanks for your encouragement...worried about the time frame...but will prevail!

  2. There's something so light and cheerful about this hamsa that it is easy to believe it can guard us from the evil eye! It makes a beautiful flag. Thank you for generously quoting my words, I'm happy they inspired you to join the project!

    As for the evils of forgetfulness... I do understand. I become paranoid whenever I lose things and suspect that someone took them away from me. And then they reappear, just to tease me!

    1. Hi Ersi-
      I am usually so frustrated when I lose things...I then think that I need to purge and clean (which I'm not very good at)...or that I need a new brain.

      So much better to be patient that lost things will be found.

      I'm happy to quote your words...they were inspiring and the kick in the pants I needed.