Saturday, September 1, 2012

Walking and Thinking

 Got up for an early walk today. I brought my camera.

I walked and thought about my friend, Martha.

I decided to photograph things that caught my eye as I thought about her.

The sky was gray with just a few intermittent drops of soft rain.

It was humid, but the breeze was cool.

Today is Martha's funeral. I am missing her.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Beth.
      I am just back from the service. Simple and beautiful, out in the Church garden, as were Martha's wishes. Hoping to see you this next week.

  2. Been thinking of you all day. Sending lots of love to you. Would Martha have sent the cardinal feather to you? Just wondering...

    1. Thanks, Jennifer.
      This all makes me realize how important it is to let your friends know how you feel about them. I was fortunate to be given that opportunity in this last year with Martha.
      I AM wondering if she sent all those colorful reminders on my walk today. During her service in the Church garden, a beautiful Monarch butterfly swooped over her ashes...maybe Martha saying goodbye...